Rehab & Integrative Medicine


Dr. Lisa Martin received her certification in veterinary chiropractic work in 2008, in veterinary acupuncture in 2010, and in canine rehabilitation in 2011. Since joining us in July of 2013 she has transformed our integrative medicine department into something wholly unique. Dr. Kristal Turner became a part of our integrative medicine team after completing her certification for veterinary acupuncture in 2014 and for canine rehabilitation in 2015.

Our approach centers around the belief that each patient needs and deserves an individual assessment and plan. The majority of our patients begin the process with an hour long appointment with either Dr. Martin or Dr. Turner in which they, in conjunction with the owners, map out a plan for the pet’s time with us. For some patients, many either recovering from a major orthopedic surgery or living with arthritis related to aging, that means spending entire days with our physical rehabilitation staff so that they can work with the pet multiple times a day, exercising in short sessions meant to build muscle without exhausting the animal. In addition to the time spent with us, pet parents are shown what to do at home to help their pet on his path to recovery. 

Dr. Martin and Dr. Turner work closely with their patients’ primary care veterinarians to assure that they are on an adequate pain management regimen and that their other health needs are being attended to as well.

Our integrative medicine department offers the following services. Please call or email with any questions.

  • Hydrotherapy (Underwater treadmill)
  • Acupuncture
  • Integrated Acupuncture with the use of electrodes, vitamin b-12, or therapeutic laserrehab_website
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Therapeutic Laser & Ultrasound
  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Land Treadmill
  • Cavaletti Poles, Wobble Boards & other strengthening equipment